PhD Supervision

First/Main supervisor:

  • Joe Abram is based in Geography & Environemnt. Joe is developing novel techniques to analyse systems dynamics models of social-ecological systems.
  • Alex Stokes is based in Geography & Environment. Alex is looking at high biodiversity agricultural systems in the context of complex systems.


  • Duygu Cihan is based in Sociolgy and Social Policy. Duygu is investigating the dynamics between human wellbeing, economic growth and climate change in emerging economies.
  • Sam Dobbie is based in Engineering and the Environment. Sam spent much of June 2013 doing field work in Malawi in order to gather data for agent based models of villiager responses to climate change. 
  • Alice Bell is based in Life Sciences and models the movement of Jaguars in Belize to help inform park management practices. 


  • 2016 Laurens Speelman was based in Engineering & Environment. Lauran developed agent based models of island population’s response to sea level rise.
  • 2015 Iain Weaver was based in the ICSS and used stastical mechanics in the analysis of conceptual ecosystem models and non-equilibrium systems such as convection cells.
  • 2014 Stuart Bartlett  was based in the ICSS and investigated thermodynamic evolutionary systems. His work had direct relevance to theories about the origins of life on Earth (and potentially anywhere else in the universe). 
  • 2015 Maike Sonnewald was based in NOCS and used non-equilbrium thermodynamics and information theory concepts in order to increase our understanding of coupled ocean systems and how best to model them.